When Clara’s world is turned upside down, she is shaken to her very core. Her loving parents have lost their sparkle and wit, and her warm and wonderful home has grown dark and cold. Is it something I have done? Clara wonders.


Clara seeks refuge and answers in the mystical British West Country forest surrounding her home, Darlington Manor. With best friends Riley and Argus, her beloved Irish wolfhounds, by her side, Clara encounters the enchanting Esmeralda, with her long red hair, green cape and a bag full of magical gemstones. Encouraged by their bewitching guide, they travel through portals of the Magic Circles, where they enter spellbinding worlds with woodland messengers.


Their wisdom leads Clara on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, which she holds within her as a newfound strength upon her return home.

Clara and the Magic Circles - PRE-ORDER

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